sms sudamerica

SMS Sudamérica participated in the Argentina Carbon Forum 2023!

On June 27th we participated in the first edition of Argentina Carbon Forum 2023. At this event, Hernan Landriscina, Alliances Manager of SMS Sudamérica, was present to share new details about our exclusive solution: SIGRA 2.0, the environmental risk analysis and management system.

With passion and knowledge, Hernán highlighted how SIGRA 2.0 offers a comprehensive solution to assess and address environmental risks in different sectors. This revolutionary tool provides deep and accurate insight into environmental challenges, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and promote sustainable practices.

We would like to thank Genesis Sustentabilidad and MEXICO2 Mexican Carbon Platform for inviting us to this prestigious event. Your recognition of our expertise in the field of environmental risk management is a real honor.

In short, our participation in the event was a resounding success. Thanks to Hernan Landriscina and his passionate presentation, we were able to show how SIGRA 2.0 is leading the way toward more effective and sustainable environmental risk management. We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing to collaborate with organizations committed to protecting the environment.