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Webinar: Sustainability or Climate Crisis?

Last Thursday, June 29th, SMS Sudamérica presented its new Webinar “Sustainability or Climate Crisis? The real environmental challenges for organizations“The panelists were Hernan Landriscina, Alliances Manager at SMS Sudamérica, Alejandro Diz Ramos, PM Green Economy at SMS Sudamérica, and Alejandra Cámara, Managing Director at GÉNESIS.

Hernan Landriscina opened the webinar by highlighting the close relationship between the climate crisis and the economy, emphasizing the need to take concrete measures in this regard. Landriscina stated: “The climate crisis is an economic crisis and something must be done about it.” These words underline the importance of organizations becoming aware of their role in environmental sustainability and acting accordingly.

For her part, Alejandra Cámara shared her vision of the initiatives that are being carried out at the international level to address the climate crisis. He pointed out that global emissions have been measured since 2009 and stressed the importance of reducing them in order to keep the increase in global temperature at acceptable levels. The world is doing something,” said Cámara, noting that companies, such as SMS Sudamérica, will be instrumental in accelerating the pace towards a more sustainable future.

In addition, Alejandro Diz Ramos presented SIGRA 2.0, a solution developed by SMS Sudamérica that addresses environmental risks. This tool, based on SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, makes it possible to analyze and manage environmental risks effectively.

The webinar provided a platform to discuss and reflect on the need for concrete actions to address the climate crisis. The relevance of using technological solutions such as SIGRA 2.0 to manage environmental challenges and work towards a more sustainable future was highlighted. This event made it clear that sustainability and mitigation of the climate crisis must be priorities for all organizations committed to environmental responsibility. We invite you to watch the complete Webinar by clicking here.