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A global dream: our path to transformation

With more than 30 years of work and knowledge in the industry, Carlos Kumpel has gone through several stages and positions until reaching his current role as President of SMS South America. SMS Sudamérica. We were able to talk to him to share some of these experiences and his vision of the company for the future.

Since his early days at the National University of Tucumán, Carlos has been passionate about technology and its potential to transform the world. In 2000, a year influenced by Y2K and the turn of the century, he joined SMS Sudamérica; since then he has been a witness and part of its constant evolution. In 2008, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company and led the company for the next 15 years until today.

During his tenure as CEO, Carlos was able to consolidate SMS Sudamérica’s position as a leading company in digital solutions for the corporate market. With an innovative vision and meticulous customer service, the company stands out in a highly competitive market.

But the challenges keep coming, so in early 2023 Carlos made the decision to hand over the role of CEO to Soledad Verdinelli, who previously served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). According to him, this decision was taken in order to give the company a new dynamic aimed at the new global challenges.

“From the management of SMS Sudamérica we are convinced that this is the time for a newer dynamic, which requires more energy, more level of professionalism and knowledge”, this is how Carlos announced the change of CEO in the company after 15 years.

For Carlos, it is a pleasure to continue working as a team with her and he is a true believer that all the company’s employees are proud to have a woman who is professionally prepared to lead a technology company that competes with national and multinational companies of the highest level.

“Soledad played a role of absorbing knowledge, generating empathy, becoming important in each and every sector of the company. It was natural for her to take on the role of CEO and together we will continue to lead SMS Sudamérica into the future; me in a more experienced and retrospective role, and Soledad in a more day-to-day management role,” emphasizes Carlos regarding the changes.

The key to SMS Sudamérica’s success continues to be its customer service and its ability to adapt to an ever-changing market. The speed and efficiency with which SMS Sudamérica responds to its customers’ needs and problems is key to differentiate itself from the competition.

“We are a medium-sized company, but with a well-oiled level of communication and very agile management, very attentive to listen to our customers’ needs. We pay attention and react quickly,” said Carlos.

The company currently has offices in Argentina, Chile, the United States, Spain and is in the process of establishing itself in Colombia. Carlos’ new role aims to help realize the “old dream” of becoming a global company.

“We are accumulating knowledge, tools, and methodologies to make a qualitative leap and cover the whole world. That is the dream, the goal, and the objective, and that is what we are working for,” says Carlos.

SMS Sudamérica is in the process of building a unified service offering for the global market and its management is working to achieve this goal in the short term. Without ever leaving aside its evolutionary DNA, its ability to adapt, and a customer and people-centric focus.

In short, SMS Sudamérica is ready to face the challenges of the future.

Note by: Valeria Michelesi